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Operation Seduce James- SB/JP/RL- NC-17

Title: Operation Seduce James, Chapter 1
Pairing: SB/RL, RL/JP, SB/JP, SB/JP/RL
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome in later chapters.
Disclaimer: Chars and places owned by Rowling plot is mine.
Summary:Sirius has a mischievious game to play with Remus and it involves a certain stag called Prongs.
Teaser: “I say,” I said, pressing my lips to his firmly before pulling away once more, “let’s go seduce a poor, unsuspecting boy called James. I’ll go first.” -Remus to Sirius

Round One: Remus

(Remus POV)


Sirius’s deep voice rang melodically into my ear as we laid on his four poster, cuddled up against one another.

“Hm,” I replied, eyes closed. I didn’t want to move from that spot.

“You find our dear Prongs… attractive, don’t you?”

My eyes blinked open and I sat up, turning to look down at him.

“What are you getting at, Sirius?” I asked, a little weary. It was obvious to me, the sparks in those mischievous dark eyes. My Sirius was scheming something.

Sirius placed a hand to his heart and I rolled my eyes.

“It hurts me deeply that you think I am up to something,” he said, his tone matching the look of mock hurt.

“Well, you are up to something,” I said. It was a statement, not a question. The mischievous sparks in Sirius’s eyes grew along with his grin.

“What do you say,” he said, gripping me by the shirt and pulling me down, against him, “we pull a little prank on Jamesie?”

I blinked as slowly, a grin filtered onto my face. James was straight, that was common knowledge. He knew that Sirius and I were gay and knew of our relationship. Actually, he was part of the reason I had come to have a relationship with Sirius. He had pretended to like and date me so that Sirius would get jealous. And it worked.

“I never did repay him for causing me to hate him so much while he pretended to date you,” he added and I laughed. Sometimes I wondered if he could read my mind.

“I say,” I said, pressing my lips to his firmly before pulling away once more, “let’s go seduce a poor, unsuspecting boy called James. I’ll go first.”

I hopped out of the bed and hurried out of the room, making my way down to the common room where I guessed James to be.

I was right.

Being the Christmas holidays, the common room was practically deserted. Only one couch near the fireplace was occupied, a boy with dark unruly hair and glasses was sprawled out on it, reading.

With a grin, I made my way over to the couch, replacing the grin with a genuine smile.

“Hey, Moony,” James said, looking over at me from the top of his glasses and the book. “What’s up?”

“Hi, James,” I said, and slowly frowned. I hadn’t thought of a plan. The look on my face worked, however, for a moment later, James sat up, shutting the book and placing it on the table in front of him.

“What’s wrong, Remus?” he asked, concern on his face. I blinked, still surprised by my lucky fortune, working my face into what I hoped to be a guiltily, upset look.

“It’s… it’s nothing,” I said.

James’s face set and I mentally clapped myself on the back. “Sit,” he ordered, patting the seat right next to him. I sat. Even if I hadn’t been playing this game, you always listened to James regardless when he used that tone. Well, almost always. “Tell. Is it Sirius?”

I looked away before looking back and slowly shaking my head. I then paused and slowly nodded. James rose a brow.

“Which is it, Remus,” he asked, his tone a little impatient. “Yes, or no?”

“It is, but it isn’t,” I said slowly.

“Is there someone else involved in this?” he asked.

I forced myself to blushed. Apparently it had worked as James whistled.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you like someone else when we worked so hard to get Sirius to notice you?”

I looked down at the ground and nodded before looking up at him once again.

He sighed.

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you, Remus,” he said finally. “Though mind telling me who it is?”

“I… I can’t,” I said, my voice soft.

“Why not?” I won’t tell. Maybe I can help you decide what to do.”

“I can’t, James, “ I said more firmly. I looked away, avoiding his gaze.

“Why can’t you, Remus,” he asked, obviously offended. “You’ve always told me everything.”

I counted to then before I gazed into his eyes and held them for a moment.

“James, I can’t because it’s you.”

I held my form but inside I was dying of laughter at the change that overcame James at that ‘admission’.

His eyes widened slightly, his lips parting just a bit. He blinked a few times before he finally cleared his throat.

“Er… me?” he asked, as if he wasn’t sure he’d heard right.

I placed my hand on his thigh and nodded.

“Yes, James,” I said, my voice soft. “You.”

James’s brown eyes flickered from my eyes to my hand on his leg and back. I could tell he was getting nervous and it was taking everything in me to not crack up. Slowly, I slid my hand further up his thigh, leaning in the bring my face closer to his. He leaned back to, but pushed himself into the couch’s back.

I stopped when my lips were an inch from his and smiled.

“James, you know, I think you’re remarkably sexy,” I said, my soft voice husky. I then pressed my lips to his, closing my eyes.

At first, there was nothing; then there was a returned pressure, confused and hesitant. I smirked and pressed back further yet, letting him know he was doing fine. I then felt two hands on my chest as I was pushed away. Opening my eyes, I looked into a the face of a blushing, wide-eyed James Potter.

“Re-Remus, you can’t- I can’t- Lily… Sirius… you can’t,” he paused, pressing his fingers to his lips. I felt pleasure rise in me as his cheeks grew redder still before he spoke again. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

I merely smiled before slowly extending my hand to run down his chest and stop at his thigh, very close to his groin. Uncomfortably close, I could tell by his face.

“Oh, well. Here and there, I suppose,” I said nonchalantly, placing a single finger on his groin and smirking. Our dear Prongs was very much aroused. Perhaps he wasn’t as straight as he claimed.

“Why, James,” I said in a light purr, stroking it with the finger just once, “it appears that I have gotten you a little excited.” I placed a second finger on him and stroked his groin once more, enjoying the sound of his hitched breathing.

“Could it be that James Potter is indeed bisexual,” I said softly, “and not straight as he’s claimed.”

“I-I… I- ungh-” he said, but cut himself off with a moan as I cupped his arousal and squeezed. I put a guilty look onto my face once more. With a sigh, I released him.

“Well, it is my fault for getting you all riled up, Jamesie,” I said softly, my eyes locking with his. “The least I could do, is help you with it.”

My tongue ran across my lower lip and I watched as his mouth parted a little, his eyes watching it before meeting with mine once more, mouth closing.

“Er… he-help me with it…” he repeated. I sighed and nodded.

“Yes, of course,” I said, and smiled. Slowly, I lowered myself to the floor, kneeling between his legs. I ran my hands up his thighs and brought them to his belt, unfastening it with swift ease. My hands gripped the waistband of his pants and I pulled them down until they were to his ankles. My eyes trailed up his body, taking in his half clothed person- clad in the school uniform shirt, a loosened Gryffindor tie, and a pair of crimson boxer shorts- until they fell onto his face, his eyes watching me with anxiousness. I grinned, lowering my face to his groin and blowing lightly on his lightly clothed erection. His eyes closed tightly and I watched avidly as that very pink, very inviting appendage darted across his lips and back into his mouth. I decided I had to look away or I would want to ravage that very handsome mouth of his rather than the task at hand. I’d save that for later.

Tearing my attention away, I trained my focus to James’s groin, my hands gripping the waistband of his boxers and pulling them swiftly to his ankles. I smirked as my eyes took in James’s manhood and then gazed into James’s eyes. I stared at him for a moment and then, my gaze never leaving his, I took his cock- upright now that it was free from the restraints of his pants and boxers- in my hand and slowly began to stroke it, my fist tight around the organ.

“Nnngh- Re-mus… really… think… should…” he began, but trailed off as my hand left his throbbing cock and I slowly lowered my face to it. My blue eyes caught his through my eyelashes as I pressed a kiss to the enflamed head, my tongue sneaking out of my mouth to flick over it. His eyes closed tightly once more, a low hiss expelling from deep within him. I pressed mouth against it, my teeth just open enough to catch some skin and draw a low groan from the boy. I let a soft chuckle escape before I took mercy on my friend and took all of him into my mouth at once. I let my tongue run up one side of it before I began to suck slowly, teasingly.

“Nnng-harder,” James said, his voice strained. “For …Merlin’s sake…Remus, harder.”

My eyes had by that time returned to his lower half, my attention on his deliciously enflamed organ. I hummed my agreement before sucking harder and faster. Two hands twisted their way into my hair and enjoyable moans and sounds from James reached my ear, urging me on.

Finally, he shuddered and I knew even before he tried to warn me that he was near climax. Sure enough, his cock gave a throb and I worked hard to swallow all of James’s salty seed, his voice speaking my name as he released. He collapsed into the couch as I lapped up the overflow around his groin, very aware of his watching me. I finally brought my eyes to meet his and gave him a guilty smile. He rose a brow, a frown falling onto his face.

“Remus,” he said softly. “What was this exactly?”

I sighed, frowning myself. “I told you… I like you. I… I know I got carried away.”

I stood, slowly beginning to lick the sticky seed off of my hands as I continued to watch and listen. His attention wavered just a little.

“Right… well… as unbelievable as that was… Merlin, that was…” he said, his eyes closing for a moment as if he was trying to remember the sensation, which he probably was. When he finally opened them again, I merely smiled and he blushed. “Whatever that was… I can’t… let it happen again. I can’t do that to Sirius or to Lily, and you can’t do that to Sirius.”

I didn’t say anything for a moment, dropping my now ‘clean’ hand to my lap and sighing. “Yeah, you’re right. I still do love Sirius…even if he can be a handful.”

I stood up and grinned at him.

“This stays between us then?”

He nodded, pulling out his wand from his book bag on the floor and cleaning up the mess on himself before he pulled up his boxers and pants. Placing his wand on the table in front of him, he grinned.

“Between us,” he said. “Although… I have to say. You have a very talented mouth.”

I smiled wider, forcing a blush onto my face. “If you ever need my services, James,” I said, “I’m available.”

With that, I pressed my hands to his legs, leaning into him and pressing my lips to his. I felt him grin against my lips and without waiting another moment, I forced my tongue into his mouth and let it wander around the hot, wet cavern. He ran his tongue against mine and soon I found my tongue being battled by his. Pulling away, I smirked and winked before making my way back around the couch and over to the stairs. I reached halfway up the stairs before I saw Sirius at the landing, his eyes wide as he looked at me. I grinned widely, my cheeks a little red. He had seen the whole thing.

Pushing my way past him, I leaned up to whisper into his ear.

“Your turn.”

I laughed lightly as he grinned. Round two of “Operation Seduce James” was about to commence.
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